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Buttocks lipofilling, buttocks implants

  • Buttock lipofilling

    body partsButtocks
    other techniquesLipofilling
    Lipofilling is an intervention that aims at augmenting in a final natural and permanent way the volume of the buttock by using the patient’s own fat rather than implants.   Before the procedure Two co...
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  • Macrolane ® injections in the buttock

    body partsButtocks
    other techniquesHyaluronic acid
    Macrolane ® injection can be performed on patients who want to increase buttock volume or reshape them to correct a morphological default such as flat buttocks, or simply to give them a rounded shape....
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  • Buttock implants

    body partsButtocks
    other techniquesProsthetics
    Volume lack in the buttocks can be caused by hypoplasia, malformation, be due to pathologies such as poliomyelitis, to traumas or to an important weight loss. The operation can be carried out from 18...
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Restore volume to the buttocks through aesthetic surgery

A lipofilling of the buttocks allows us to reinjects the fat, extracted from several areas of the body (upper thigh, thighs, stomach, hips ...), into the glutes to add curve and volume.


Lipofilling of the buttocks gives a more voluminous shape to the buttocks, in harmony with the hips and the thighs. Placing prosthesis in the buttocks is also a possibility. These two techniques have the advantage of creating a permanent result.

Remodeling the buttocks with aesthetic medicine


Macrolane® injections are ideal to shape/ for rounding out the buttocks without surgery or scarring. Macrolane® is a hyaluronic acid gel derived from biotechnology that gives a natural and immediate result.


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