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Breast reconstruction and aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic breast surgery occurs when the breasts have not developed naturally, have lost their initial appearance due to one or more pregnancies, due to weight loss or due to hormonal imbalance.

Increasing breast size

Hypoplasia can be corrected through placing mammary implants that will restore breast shape and volume. Lipofilling of the breast to increase volume of the breast or breasts using the patient’s own body fat can also be envisaged. 

Reducing breast size

Reduction Mammoplasty is performed by removing both skin and gland while repositioning the areola. This intervention makes it possible both to reduce the volume of the breasts but also to reassemble them.


Reconstructive breast surgery


Tuberous breasts (breast malformation), umbilical nipples or gynecomastia in humans are defects that can be corrected easily by cosmetic surgery. In the same way that breast reconstruction can be performed following a mastectomy.

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