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calf lipofilling, calf liposuction, calf implants

  • Calf liposuction

    body partsCalf
    other techniquesLiposuction
    Liposuction can radically and definitively remove localized areas of protruding fat. In general, these localized areas of protruding fat do not go away with diet and exercise. Liposuction can be appli...
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  • Calf lipofilling

    body partsCalf
    other techniquesLipofilling
    Calf lipofilling aims at enhancing the shape of too thin calves by stimulating the shape created by intern and/or extern gemellus muscles. Calf lipofilling is the preferred technique when it is possib...
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  • Calf implants

    body partsCalf
    other techniquesProsthetics
    Calf implants are used to enhance the shape of too thin calves. This technique was first used for reconstructive surgery in case of poliomyelitis, clubfoot and Charcot's Disease, where calf muscle do...
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Aesthetic surgery of the calves: An intervention to harmonize and refine the leg

Liposuction of the calves reduces excess localized fat in the calves and the ankles. Suction of the fat restores relief, while highlighting muscles and refining the ankle.

If, on the other hand, the desire is to increase volume of the calves,


There are two cosmetic surgery techniques: lipofilling and calf implant. The first technique, lipofilling, consists first of all, in removing, via liposuction, any surplus of fat coming from predefined zones to reinject it, once filtered, into the calves. The second technique is to place implants or prothesis into the calf to improve the contour if it is considered too small or in cases of reparative surgery.

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