Aesthetic plastic surgery in Paris

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Others surgery : cryolipolysis, ankle liposuction, axillary hyperhidrosis

The ankle is a part of the body where stored fat, not eliminated despite sport or diet efforts, can be removed through liposuction. The result: a thinner ankle with newly defined shape.


To treat cutaneous/ skin tumors such as cysts, moles or lipomas, the surgeon will remove the element that can be harmful to the body and check if it is benign. The procedure leaves scars but ensures removal of the cutaneous tumor.To correct any skin imperfections, dermabrasion removes the superficial layer of the skin.

Correcting Excessive Sweating

In the case of excessive axillary sweating, cosmetic surgery makes it possible to remove the sweat glands by means of an operation which consists in lifting the skin. Another technique is the injection of botulinum toxin that will block the sweat glands.



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