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Aesthetic Medicine : Cryolipolysis in Paris!


Cryolipolysis is a technique that dissolves fat and reduces excess fat without having to go through surgery. Actually, it is a device using technology based on a long-known physical principle: sensitivity to a prolonged exposure to cold/ chilling, adipose tissue cells "adipocytes".


OBJECTIVE of Cryolipolysis

 Candidates for cryolipolysis do not suffer from excess weight, they want to erase adipose cells which are more easily stocked in certain parts of the body such as the neck, the arms, "love handles", the stomach, the inner thighs, "the breeches" (outer thigh/ posterior limb) or even the buttocks. This technique can also perfect liposuction results.


PRINCIPLE of Cryolipolysis


A technique that combines a vacuum suction of the adipose fold with a specific handheld unit, called the "Cryode" and its cooling function. This results in a crystallization of the lipids contained in the adipocytes, which mark a turning point in the evolution of these cells and all this, of course, is done without damaging the adjacent tissues. The adipocytes, that are now fat cells, will begin to melt, this is the "apoptosis" which generates a slow elimination of their contents through the organism without significantly altering the level of lipids in the blood (cholesterol, triglycerides ...). The cutaneous coating adapts easily to the morphological changes generated.


Before a cryolipolysis session

 A specific in depth consultation will be carried out by Dr. Christelle Santini, aesthetic and plastic surgeon, to discuss and define the areas to be treated. Photographs and measurements will be taken by the doctor before the first session. The contraindications of cryolipolysis are: pregnancy, cold hypersensitivity (Raynaud's syndrome, cryoglobulinemia), abdominal hernias (for stomach treatments).


Proceedings of a cryolipolysis session


Cryolipolysis sessions are held at the doctor's surgery. The duration of a session varies from 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of areas to be treated. At the beginning of the session, the surgeon will apply a protective gel to the skin. Once the zones to be treated are defined, the suction will start gradually, and a controlled cooling of the fat to be treated will then be carried out. No anesthetic is used, in fact, liposuction by cooling makes it possible to quickly anesthetize the zone. At the end of the session, the surgeon will perform a light 10-minute massage.


After a session of cryolipolysis the patient can resume their normal activities. Sometimes slight edema or ecchymosis (bruises) can appear on the treated area within a few days of the cryolipolysis session.


Cryolipolysis results:

 The effects are visible from the fourth week after treatment and are accentuated in the following weeks. There are no social restrictions, you can resume your normal routine immediately after.

The results are sustainable over time as long as you maintain a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

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